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Hummer H2 Schwarz Pickup


Stretch-Hummer H2 Weiss


Special offer: stag party tour

2 hours, inlusive red carpet + soft drinks + crate of beer + 25 km approach

Enjoy your last days within freedom or surprise your friends!

Our lincoln stretchlimousine offers everything needed for a special partynight.

Arrange your own music and listen to your favorite songs. Our cd-player can run popular formats like MP3 or WMA.

Cold drinks are waiting in the minibar

We would be pleased to receive your request!

mieten_sie_jetzt_lincolnexklusiv_traum_erleben_fahren innenraum_lincoln_sehen

Complete big wedding package

A limousine for the best day in your life

Our special wedding service.

You receive one limousine, chauffeur inclusive, floral ornaments, a custom made name plate and the red carpet for four hours.

You will find a flask of sparkling wine, wodka, whisky and several soft drinks in the minibar.

You can relax during the drive to your wedding.

We would be pleased to receive your request!

moenchengladbach_lincoln_mietenwir_suchen_stretch_limousinen hochzeit_feiern_mieten_fahrzeug

Your opportunity to rent a stretchlimousine

rent a limousine | Fair Cars | limousine service

People can hardly imagine streets without stretchlimousines in america.

A lot of celebs use the service of stretchlimousines every day.

These limousine trend didnt reach germany yet. People will look after our 8,60 meters long stretchlimousines.

Use our unique limo service and delve into another world for a short time.

Experience something real special!

roter_teppich_limousine_partynight_lincoln_disco_tour stretchlimousine_in_moenchengladbach

chauffeurservice in Mönchengladbach

Hamburg | Kempten | Celle


stretchlimousine Mönchengladbach

Magdeburg | Dortmund | Freiburg

Our limousineservice offers an unique feeling! Have a ride in our .

We will make your party something real special with our .

Drinks and cocktails will be served.

You can choose the location and enjoy the drive with your friends.

Dreaming of luxury and glamour?

rent a stretchlimousine in Mönchengladbach!

What do you think when you hear the following prestige - glamour - red carpet?

Correct: a Oldtimer- stetchlimousine
used by a star. Wait the star aint a star its you!

Stop dreaming and rent a limousine drive in Mönchengladbach!

wealth for rent

limo-service in Mönchengladbach

Mönchengladbach is a very romantic city! But unreachable for normal people like you and me.

Use our limousinen service in Mönchengladbach, Kempten, Essen and become vip for one evening in our Stretch-Limousine.

extravagance for demanding people

rent a limousine in Mönchengladbach

Experience enjoyment at the highest stage in one of our luxury limousines
hifi, flatscreens, darkend windows, starroof.

Reserve our limousine service in Mönchengladbach now!

Limousine and chauffeurservice

Hummer H2 Limo - for rent!

You are looking for a Hummer H2 limousine?
I think we can help you! We are unique professional limousine- and chauffeurservice.

Curretly we offer our service in the following cities: Baden-Baden, Fulda, Würzburg, Schweinfurt and Nürnberg.
If you want to a chaffeur can be ordered, too.

Limo service in Germany

Taste the luxury!

Sure thing, there is only one vehicle for very important persons – an elegant limousine! Be a VIP and book our German limo service for private or business matters. We’ll be driving you to your very special event, to the airport or gala festivities. You can also book our limo sightseeing and wedding services. If you do not need a driver, we also offer limo rental only.

Limousine and chauffeurservice

Excalibur Stretchlimousine - for rent!

You are looking for a - limousine?
I think we can help you! We are unique professional limousine- and chauffeurservice.

Curretly we offer our service in the following cities: Mönchengladbach, Moosburg , Hamburg, Bamberg and Lindau.
If you want to a chaffeur can be ordered, too.
We can offer you our limousine service in the following cities: Aachen | Altötting | Ansbach | Aschaffenburg | Augsburg | Bad Dürkheim | Bad Ems | Bad Füssing | Bad Homburg | Bad Kissingen | Bad Mergentheim | Bad Wiessee | Bad Wildungen | Baden-Baden | Bamberg | Bayreuth | Bergen | Bergheim | Berlin | Bielefeld | Bonn | Brandenburg | Braunschweig | Burghausen | Celle | Cham | Coburg | Deggendorf | Dingolfing | Dortmund | Duisburg | Düsseldorf | Eggenfelden | Erding | Erfurt | Erlangen | Essen | Feuchtwangen | Frankfurt | Freiburg | Freising | Fulda | Fürth | Gifhorn | Halle | Hamburg | Hannover | Heidelberg | Heilbronn | Hildesheim | Hof | Ingolstadt | Karlsruhe | Kassel | Kempten | Koblenz | Köln | Lahr | Landau | Landshut | Lindau | Lörrach | Magdeburg | Mainburg | Mainz | Memmingen | Mönchengladbach | Moosburg | Mühldorf | München | Münster | Neustadt | Nürnberg | Oberstaufen | Offenburg | Oranienburg | Paddaborn | Passau | Peine | Pfarrkirchen | Pforzheim | Plattling | Pocking | Potsdam | Regensburg | Reisbach | Remscheid | Rosenheim | Saarbrücken | Schweinfurt | Schwerin | Siegen | Soltau | Straubing | Stuttgart | Sylt | Tauberbischofsheim | Trier | Ulm | Vilsbiburg | Waldshut | Westerland | Wiesbaden | Wolfsburg | Würzburg | Zürich | Zwiesel

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